One has to wonder how this could possibly be helpful, but there's a report suggesting Iran wants to help the people of the United Kingdom bring stability to the recent unrest.

Press TV is reporting that Iranian Military commanders are ready to send Basij peacekeeper forces to the United Kingdom to help stabilize the the unrest in London. The report says that forces are ready and awaiting orders of deployment.

Commander Mohammad-Reza Naqdi has harsh words for British authorities handling the situation, saying the following:

Unfortunately the crimes and violence of the autocratic British kingdom continues against the country's deprived [population] and not only the advice of well-wishers has no effect on the conduct of the regime's repressive police force but we witness the deprived people of this country are being called a bunch of thieves and looters.

If the UN General Assembly approves, the Basij Organization is ready to send a number of Ashura and al-Zahra brigades to Liverpool and Birmingham as peacekeepers to monitor observation of human rights laws and deter use of force.

Naqdi suggests the recent lavish royal wedding was more fuel to the growing unrest between the oppressive government and the victimized people.


Source: PressTV