Yup, what you see in the picture is giant snail shells.  The word Escargot means "edible snail".  Honestly, when I saw the container of snail shells in water, I thought it would look cute on my coffee table with a floating candle on the top.  I rarely see escargot on menus at restaurants I frequent, I didn't think making it at home was even a possibility.

Escargot is a French cuisine.  About as French as I go is fries or an occasional croissant sandwich.  So what is escargot?  Snails.  Yup, snails that are removed from their shells and cooked with flavorings like garlic butter, chicken broth or for those that are a bit more refined, wine.  Usually once they're cooked they are returned to their shell for plate presentation.  Just like crab the snails are usually served with special utensils to get them out of the shell and into your mouth.

I've only ventured as far as Oysters Rockefeller, I've never had escargot and based on what they look like in their container, I doubt that I'll be eating them anytime soon.

However, if you are either a connoisseur of snails or are adventuresome, rest assured you can get escargot at the Wal-Mart in Superior.