Austan Lundeen and Bryan Gatten were in to talk about a Northland Tradition. 10th Annual Christmas by the Lake CD, which will be released November 16th and celebrated with a party at the Clyde Event Center from 5 to 9 pm. Bryan is one of the featured artists and so is Austin Lundeen. The Christmas collection features local artists who have all donated their recordings in order to raise money for the Bluebird Foundation. A group that raises money and gives the money in the form of grants to artists who are trying to further their careers.This year’s 2-CD set will feature 33 songs by musicians from throughout the region and will sell for $15 each at area Super One Foods, the new Miller Hill Mall store “I LAKE IT,” Duluth-Superior Engwall Florist Locations, Schmitt Music, Big Daddy’s Burgers and on-line at year’s CD performers range from school groups to professional musicians and even includes a joint performance by the Denfeld and East High School Concert Choirs. The beautiful cover for this year’s CD is courtesy of John Heino Photography.

A Christmas by the Lake X proceeds benefit the Bluebird Foundation.which is an advocate for regional kids in the arts. The Foundation’s mission statement is: “To be an advocate for area youth in the performing arts and to create awareness of the power of the arts to enhance self-esteem, to increase understanding of others, and to improve academic performance.” In its short existence the Bluebird Foundation has given grants and scholarships of over $10,000 to area high school aged kids in the performing arts.