There is a story circulating online, that says if you are being robbed at the ATM, you can save yourself by reversing your pin number, is it true?

No, this story seems to make a comeback every year. According to, this story started in 2006. The story says if you are being robbed and being forced to take money out of the ATM, if you put your bank pin number in backward, the money will stick in the dispenser and will immediately call the Police.

The story goes on to say how it will take many pictures of the thieves and they will get nothing from you.

Most of these stories won't hold up to logic. Let's say you do this and the robbers don't know this story. You could put yourself in danger if they don't get what they want. Second, don't you think they would know and not be around the camera. Third, once the money stuck, they could get away and rob someone else, so it doesn't prevent anything.

It was an original idea by Joseph Zingher, 1994, who wanted to sell banks on the idea for bank machines and live tellers. Banks never bought into the idea. Zingher patented the idea and banks didn't want to pay for the use of the idea, so it died.

So, the answer is FALSE.

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