A Minnesota couple has found a unique and much-needed way to help the homeless population near their hometown of Sauk Rapids.  Nancy Dyson and Jason Jaques are getting ready to operate a mobile shower unit that serves the needs of those who are homeless and looking for a means of taking care of their hygiene regimen.

They're calling the unit "Shower The People" - and it's origins were organic in nature.  Someone asked them where homeless people in their town could access showers; they didn't know the answer and when they started to research, it turns out that there weren't many places that homeless people could take a shower.

With their "Shower The People" van, Dyson and Jaques will operate much like a "pop-up" mobile unit - bringing it to various locations, providing access for those who need it the most.  The first of those locations will happen on Tuesday, June 4 - 10:00 AM - at Kipp's Laundry in Sauk Rapids.  In addition  to the shower, they also plan to have access to meals.


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