With Central high school not being used for several years why don’t we make a little money and invite the drone racing league that can bring you right into the action.


I’ve been a fan of the drones for a few years now and I’m okay with the new regulations in which they require why? Because there’s just so much fun. Now with these drone racing leagues popping up around the country, why don’t we use central as a stop on the leagues racing schedule. It’s very cool to see the futuristic set up in the crazy speeds that these drones and drivers can do the course in. You can even view the drones from a point of view using video goggles, how crazy cool is that?

It may not be the best idea for central but at least I came up with a fun idea. You can pick one up cheap for your family to give a try to fall in love. Check out this drone recently video and get out and enjoy the summer.

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