A short-term project will necessitate the closure of one of the southbound lanes of I-35 near Boundary Avenue.  The left hand southbound lane of I-35 in the Boundary Avenue area will be closed starting at 12 Noon on Monday, August 16 in order to allow work crews access to complete a project.  The closure will be short-term and is not directly tied to the Twin Ports Interchange work.

According to details released by the Minnesota Department of Transportation in advance of the project, work crews will be making repairs to a catch basin that's located in that area and near that lane.  The initial timeline for the road construction work shows that MNDOT anticipates wrapping up the project by the end of the week - at which time the lane would be reopened to normal traffic. As with any summer, outdoor road work, a variety of factors could have an effect on that timeline, though - including both weather and other unanticipated situations.

For details on this specific piece of road construction work, visit the project page on the homepage of the Minnesota Department of Transportation.  In addition to this project, you'll also find a wealth of information, details, and updates on all of the summer road construction projects that the Minnesota Department of Transportation coordinates statewide.

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Additionally, MNDOT invites the general public to follow their social media pages.  They have designed district-specific pages which outline the "need to know" details for each geographic area of the state.  Click here to visit and to follow the Facebook page that's centric to MNDOT's Northeast Region.

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