Drivers  who travel along the I-35 corridor in Duluth will want to know about some upcoming lane and ramp closures on Thursday, March 4. Officials with the Minnesota Department of Transportation are alerting motorists to their anticipated work schedule near 27th Avenue West on that day.

According to the details released by the Minnesota Department of Transportation, work crews will be on site just north of that spot - as they install an overhead power line.  In order to accommodate the installation, southbound traffic on I-35 will be stopped just short of where 27th Avenue West meets up; at the same time, the ramp from southbound Highway 53 to southbound I-35 and the ramp from westbound I-535 will also be temporarily closed.

The closures will start at 9:30 AM.  MNDOT anticipates that southbound I-35 and the two ramps will be closed for about ten to fifteen minutes while the work crews make the power line installation. As with any road construction project, unforeseen circumstances could potentially alter the planned schedule for the work - from unplanned difficulties to the weather; it's worth noting that the weather forecast for March 4 looks fine at this point.

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This particular area of the I-35 corridor through the Twin Ports is in the midst of a few converging road work projects - with both the upcoming Twin Ports Interchange (Can of Worms) replacement and the replacement of the 27th Avenue West Bridge.  The Minnesota Department of Transportation reminds motorists that they "should expect delays and are encouraged to check out the 511website  for up-to-the-minute project details.

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