A temporary ramp closure will have traffic impacts for drivers in Duluth along the busy I-35 corridor and in the downtown area.

The Minnesota Department of Transportation is alerting drivers to a short-term, temporary exit ramp closure that will happen on Tuesday, October 11 during the daytime hours.  According to details shared by MNDOT, the southbound exit ramp off of I-35 at Lake Avenue/5th Avenue West will be closed to all traffic on October 11 between the hours of 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

The exit ramp closure will allow work crews with the Minnesota Department of Transportation access so that they can perform some needed electrical work in the I-35 tunnels that start just to the north of that area.

During the exit ramp closure, MNDOT recommends that drivers needing to access the downtown Duluth area use London Road for access.  The southbound access to London Road - of course - comes a little sooner than the Lake Avenue/5th Avenue West ramp that will be closed.  Drivers will need to plan in advance accordingly.

According to the timeline provided by MNDOT, the agency fully expects that the electrical work in the tunnels will be completed by the end of the afternoon and the ramp should be fully-reopened by the 3:00 PM end time. However, similar to many road construction projects, the work - and it's completion - is dependent on a variety of factors; Unforeseen items and the weather can all play a role in determining exactly when a project gets completed.

For more details, visit the Minnesota Department of Transportation website.

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