[This is a developing story]

A credible report of an armed suspect in Superior caused the lockdown of the Mariner Business Center along with the high school and a daycare in the area this afternoon around 1:00 PM.

According to details shared by Superior Mayor Jim Paine, the suspect is in custody.

The incident occured in the area near the Mariner Business Center and the New Horizons Children's Center.  They were given the direction to "lock their doors" as a "male suspect" was "threatening violence in the area".

The original credible threat caused the Superior Police Department to occupy the area surrounding those buildings, cornered at Catlin Avenue and North 28th Street.

In addition - and under the guise of caution - the schools in Superior also took some "extra security measures out of an abundance of caution". Those cautions include what Superior High School Principal Aaron Fezzey called "a Hold Lock".  A Hold Lock in Superior means that "the perimeter of the building is locked and all students and staff members remain inside".

That Hold Lock at the Superior High School was released at 2:10 PM when the Superior Police informed the principal that "the unsafe situation had been addressed". Once that all-clear had been given, the doors were unlocked.

The school district is sharing with parents that the Superior Police were on scene - and will remain as an "additional layer of safety".

Both the district and the police are saying that "no threat was made to Superior High School"; the Hold Lock was instead ordered under a guise of caution for all involved.

Again, this is a developing story. New details are expected to be shared as they become available.

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