Buckle in - it's going to be a long summer.  But it will worth it when it's all done.  The Minnesota Department of Transportation is updating the general public with the details about additional temporary ramp and bridge closures coming Apri19 through April 22.

According to details from the Minnesota Department of Transportation, each one of those days will bring a different, specific, temporary closure - all of which tie in to the general area where the Twin Ports Interchange (Can of Worms) project is already in progress.

Here are the specific details:

  • Monday, April 19:  The ramp from southbound I-35 to eastbound I-535 will be closed for inspection.  A signed detour will be in place and motorists are urged to be cautious and observant while following it.
  • Wednesday, April 21:  Lane closures will occur on the Michigan Street Bridge over Highway 194/Mesaba Avenue - between 9:00 AM and 3:00 PM.  A flagger or portable messaging sign will be in place to direct traffic.  Alternating lane closures will occur under the bridge on the ramp to southbound I-35.
  • Thursday, April 22:  Right lane closures will occur at northbound Highway 194/Superior Street.  In addition, alternate lane closures will take place on Superior Street.

Each one of these specific lane and ramp closures are expected to be wrapped up on the day that they're planned - unless unforeseen circumstances change those plans.

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The Minnesota Department of Transportation is urging drivers to use caution in relation to these closures - especially since they will be occurring in the area where there are already work crews on site.  For more details about these three day-long projects or any of the work overseen by the Minnesota Department of Transportation, click here.

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