The Duluth Huskies signed four more players to the team, but they will only play part-time.

Four guys who have never played in the league or with the team. The Duluth Huskies website says they have signed Infielder Cooper Trinkle, infielder or outfielder Ambren Voitik, catcher Zach Beadle, and right-handed pitcher Mattew Craven.

A little bit about each player:

The Huskies Website says Cooper Trinkle was a member of the Indiana Hoosiers last year and had a .281 batting average. He did play for a short time with the Battle Creek Bombers in 2019. Trinkle is excited to play in the Northwoods league again. He had heard the reputation and says he learned a lot.  Fun Fact, Cooper is named after the city of the Baseball Hall of Fame, Cooperstown.

The Huskies say Ambren Voitik is from Oklahoma and has played for the Northern Oklahoma College Jets. Voitik played 32 games for them and had 41 runs off 48 hits to pair with 11 home runs and 30 RBIs. He plays second base and has some serious numbers, like a .771 slugging percentage. Voitik told the Huskies when baseball shut down, he worked from home. He got in his workouts, practiced batting, did everything he could, and says he found a new appreciation for the game.

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The Huskies Website says Catcher Zach Beadle is from Madonna University in Michigan. (Nothing to do with the singer). Madonna hitting coach Anthony Lim told him about the Huskies and the reputation of the team and the league.  Lim used to work for the team and talked highly of Beadle as well. Beadle says he can't see himself doing anything else and excited to help the team and learn more about his craft.

Huskies website says Matt Craven plays at Bellarmine University Knights. He is from Louisville, Kentucky. In 2018, he was one of the state's top prospects at pitcher with a 90 mph fastball. Craven also played for the Henderson Flash of the Ohio Valley league and won the championship of the Eastern Division.

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