House full of family and below zero weather makes for a stir crazy house full. And when I say fun "with" the family I'm talking about that I had fun using them for my fun. Does that make me a bad dad?  We have seen in the news and Facebook the boiling water turn into snow when it's cold outside, here is how and why it works, there's hardly any water vapor present in the air, cold air is very dense, and this makes its capacity to hold water vapor very poor.  When thrown the air has more water vapor than it has room for. So the vapor forms crystals. or the formation of snowflakes.

It did not work out so well for us, two things that could have made it work better would be to get the water to boil and not just get it out of coffee machine. And throwing higher may have helped and you will see it did change the second time we tried.

Enjoy we had a fun time and no one was harmed in the filming.