When is the right time to buy a smart phone for your child? People debate this all the time. I think it has to do with the situation. With kids being abducted so much nowadays a lot of people are buying phones just for an emergency, not to mention you can have tracking put on it so you can know where your child it at all times.

A buddy of mine thought he would have a talk with his kids and ask them what they wanted to do with their phones, how they would take care of their phones, they would check in with their phones, and if they went over their minutes and were charged......they would pay for it with their allowance. It was interesting to hear their answers, the other thing that surprised him and me was that the kids weren't interested when they found out the responsibility that came with the phone.


So, how young is too young? Web MD says it can be a good thing for calling them and making sure they are safe. They also say young children, especially girls, don't get enough sleep because of late night texts from their friends. It goes on to say the down side is no matter how many times you have the talk, kids still text while they drive.

I think the decision is up to you and what the circumstances are. I think my Sam is too young. Having said that, he is getting closer to that time because I worry about his safety, but also because he is getting to the age where the kids hang out doing things. I would like him to have a phone to call for police or me to come and get him.

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