With these jokesters trying to get a no mask day, I decided to take a poll of how many Northlanders are actually wearing their masks.

I was surprised at the results. 2% said they hate it but understand why they have to wear it so they do. 61% said yes they wear it all the time. 18% said they wear it because they have to for work or grocery store or the business says they have to so they comply. 18% said either they stopped wearing it, don't wear it, or they have never worn it.

This surprised me. As serious as this pandemic is, I wear my mask. I would be in the category of hate wearing it but I do because it's the right thing and it's out of respect for others. The people I encounter and the people in my life. I have to think about my son and everyone he has to interact with and also my Aunt, who is considered the age of risk. I also have to consider the people I work with and their families. If I test positive it is a threat to all the people in my life and the people in their life.

The CDC is still saying the way to be healthy and keep yourself safe is to wash your hands, shower after you go to a large public gathering, like stores, and to wear a mask. As long as they are saying we still need to wear one I think I will continue to wear it.

I am also seeing people turning this into a political thing. No, the Democrats and Republicans are not doing this so we are controlled. This is a human thing, this is something we need to do to prevent a large outbreak. We are not in the clear yet, so please be safe.

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