I was talking to a friend of mine who said something funny to me. He was going to get a smartphone for his kids. They had a talk about it and he thought it was the right idea, so I pressed him, how do you know, here's what he said and here's what studies say.

He had a talk with them about what they wanted to do with their phones, how they would take care of their phones, they would check in with their phones, and if they went over their minutes and were charged......they would pay for it with their allowance.

This is the same man that did the same test for the puppy they wanted. Yes Dad, we will take care of it, walk it, pick up after it, train it, etc.  Now they have a puppy that loves him because he is feeding it and taking care of it.

He won't give the sex talk to them because he is afraid of what questions they will come up with. What could they possibly ask that you don't know, I thought, I've heard you talk about sex for years to me. Most kids have a small knowledge from school, and their friends, your job is to clear the confusion. He said the biggest stumbling block is he doesn't want his kids to know that's what's happening with him and his wife....ugh!!

So, he is getting them smart phones, how do you know if your kids are ready?