A few years ago I was enticed to go to a location and pre-make meals to freeze for the week.  I found that wasn't for me because it still took a chunk of time to go make the meals.  I've recently been introduced to the choice of home food delivery where you get the ingredients and recipes "mailed" to you.  It's the latest trend and I want to try it, but what's the best?

Apparently you get to pick your meals and how many are delivered each week.  They tout that they use fresh ingredients, rate how hard the recipe will be to make and offer variety.  I only know of two services, Hello Fresh and Blue Apron because I've had friends that have tried them.  There was pros and cons of both, although the recipes of Blue Apron seem to be a bit more eclectic.

I like trying new recipes, but sometimes I have no idea what a "new to me" ingredient is or care to buy a huge container of it for a recipe I may make only once.  So that part of home food delivery service is enticing.  However, some of the recipes are kinda out there from what I'm use to making, although we don't mind trying new things.

I need your advice, have you tried a home food delivery service and if so, which one?  Pros and Cons?  Is it expensive or does it save you money in the long run?  I'm always afraid of doing something that is "auto-renewal" because I always forget to cancel or postpone and end up wasting money.

Or, are you in the same boat and wondering if you should give it a shot.  What's holding you back?

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