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Two traveling exhibits from the St. Louis Historical Society will be in the area. Old Country Memories: The Art of Albin Zaverl and Father Baraga: Shared Horizons, will be featured at a Slovenian cultural heritage event, “A Salute: Slovenian Cultural Expressions” in Ely, Minnesota at Vermillion Community College on Friday July 12. This event is free and open to the public.


Father Baraga: Shared Horizons is a short biography of Father Frederic Baraga who lived in northeastern Minnesota during the mid-1800s. He immersed himself in the Ojibwe culture and is remembered for his Ojibwe language translation and Ojibwe dictionaries, which are considered classic works and are still in use by Ojibwe speakers. It's an interesting documentary of a man that was trying to form a peaceful union with people native of the area.

 Old Country Memories: The Art of Albin Zaverl includes 15 paintings from the prolific artists’ collection. Albin Zaverl is from Ely, Minnesota. He depicts the Northland’s past and present cultures, individuals, natural scenery, and wildlife. These originals include acrylics (on canvas or hardboard), pastels, and watercolors, and vary in style. He is also trained in cartooning, and his approach to portraits and scenes of everyday life often puts smiles on the faces of viewers of all ages.

While you are invited to visit these exhibits in the Depot, the Depot asks that you also leave messages with your desires of history. The Historical Society is trying to put on a good representation of the people of this area by researching the history of those people.

If you have any interest in the St. Louis County Historical Society’s Traveling Exhibit Program please contact us at (218) 733-7586 or visiwww.thehistorypeople.org.