It's a project that's sure to affect thousands of northlanders that travel on Highway 53 on the Iron Range, south of Virginia, Minnesota.  The planning stage of the Highway 53 Relocation Project marches on with another informational meeting set for June 12th.

New information that became available at the last meeting was a revised western-alternative route. According to MnDOT officials:

During ongoing, in-depth study of the easterly alternative, MnDOT identified issues that have increasingly raised concerns about the project budget. Studying additional alternatives will ensure that the final project balances environmental, social and economic issues, along with application of sound engineering principles and cost.



The EIS scoping document will be reopened to reconsider a westerly alignment on Hwy 37 and County Road 7. Options to be considered on all possible routes include a “Super Two” design. A "Super Two" roadway has wider lanes and shoulders, better sight lines and includes safer opportunities for passing than a standard two-lane highway design

The next meeting will be held Wednesday June 12th - 10AM-11AM - at the MnDOT Virginia Office, 101 Hoover Road in Virginia.

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