Relocating highways due to mining needs has been a seemingly-common issue the past year or so on the Iron Range.  Along with the Highway 53 relocation near Virginia has been the need to move Highway 5 near Chisholm in order to accommodate Hibbing Taconite.  Officials with St. Louis County have announced that Phase One of that project is now complete.

The work on Phase One this summer has involved moving the intersection where Highway 5 connects to Highway 169.  That intersection used to occur just to the south of Chisholm.  Because Hibbing Taconite has expressed a desire to mine that area, the highway has moved and the new connection occurs within Chisholm's city limits on the west side of town (an area that used to be called Ting Town).

When work resumes next spring, crews will add a roundabout to the new intersection - completing the project.

St Louis County