A summer-long project to replace two culverts along Highway 23 next year will come with an impactful detour.  The work to replace the Gogebic Creek culvert and the U.S. Steel Creek culvert will affect drivers on Highway 23 between the Riverside neighborhood and Gary-New Duluth.

According to the Minnesota Department of Transportation, the work is scheduled to take place May to August in 2023, with two distinct work zones.


The first of those work zones will occur just southwest of where Spring Street intersects with Highway 25, near Riverside.  During the road construction project, work crews will replace the culvert that carries water for Gogebic Creek under Highway 23 and the Willard Munger Trail. The existing culvert (or, as MNDOT refers to it:  drainage structure) has brought about a "reduced hydraulic capacity, distress to Highway 23 and [the] Willard Munger Trail".

For this particular part of the project, the Minnesota Department of Transportation doesn't foresee the need for a detour route.  Traffic will still flow through the area, albeit in a reduced, one lane in each direction manner.

The second part of the project will be the replacement of the culvert that carries water for U.S. Steel Creek as it crosses Highway 23, approximately 525 feet south of the Becks Road intersection.  This particular aspect of the work will require a detour for drivers.

MNDOT anticipates that drivers who use Highway 23 at the north end of Gary-New Duluth will need to use a detour route that will be posted.  That detour route will take drivers off of HIghway 23, along Becks Road, to Gary Street, and then back to Highway 23 - in an effort to bypass where U.S. Steel Creek crosses the highway.  While a variety of factors can (and often) impact timelines, MNDOT anticipates that the detour will need to be in place for three weeks.

Here is a map that details the detour route:


In advance of next summers' planned road construction project along Highway 23, the Minnesota Department of Transportation is hosting a public open house.  That session is scheduled for Wednesday, July 27 from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM in the Westminster presbyterian Church, 9030 Beaudry Street in Duluth.  During the open house, MNDOT officials will be on hand to provide details, answer questions, and collect comments from the general public.

When finished, the road project on Highway 23 to replace the two culverts will "result in increased longevity of Highway 23 and the Munger Trail".  Cost to replace and construct the U.S. Steel Creek culvert is estimated to be $1.1 million; cost to replace and construct the Gogebic Creek culvert is estimated to be $1.7 million.  Together, the total project will cost $2.8 million.

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