A short, few days project to clear some trees and do some landscaping ahead of a larger project will commence on March 10 near Mission Creek along Highway 23 - located to the south of the Twin Ports in the Fond Du Lac neighborhood.  According to details released by the Minnesota Department of Transportation, work crews will be on site to clear away a small number of trees.

The advance work is tied to a larger project that will start this summer.  The Minnesota Department of Transportation has planned the Mission Creek Landscape Restoration project to begin in August.  The reason that this tree clearing and site-prep work is being done now is to accommodate and comply with federal regulations for protected bats - which nest in the area.

The Minnesota Department of Transportation reports that the larger Mission Creek Landscape Restoration work will be a group project.  The Landscape restoration is being done in coordination with their project partners:  the Fond Du Lac Band of Lake Superior Chippewa, Urban Ecosystems, Minnesota Indian Affairs Council, and teh Office of the State Archeologist.  Once completed, the final landscape design will include a stone wall, spring fed waterway, gravel trail, stone sitting circle, and nearby area forest restoration.

The current timetable for this advance site work only shows that the project is expected to last a few days. However - similar to any outdoor road project, that timeline is subject to changes based on site circumstances and the weather.

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For more details about the Highway 23 Mission Creek Landscape Restoration project, click here. The Minnesota Department of Transportation has put together a project page that includes all of the information and resources related to it.

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