A notoriously-dangerous intersection near Nashwauk is set for design improvements - with the actual work scheduled for the 2020 season.  Ahead of that road work, the Minnesota Department of Transportation is holding an Open House on Monday, August 5. The aim of the meeting is to share project information, solicit input, and answer questions.

MNDOT's plans include replacing the existing intersection with a Reduced Conflict Intersection - designed to slow traffic, create better sight lines, and reduce the number of accidents in that area. Some parts of the country refer to these intersections as "J-Turns".  MNDOT has started employing them throughout the state.

Here are the meeting details:

  • What: Open House regarding the 2020 implementation of a Reduced Conflict Intersection on Highway 169 and Highway 65, near Nashwauk.
  • When:  Monday, August 5, 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM
  • Where:  American Legion, 207 1st Street, Nashwauk

To learn more about this project or any of the road construction projects currently underway or planned for the future by MNDOT, click here to visit their website.



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