Get ready to see a lot of taconite pellets over the next few months.  Cliffs Natural Resources, which operates HibTac on the Iron Range announced that they will begin shipping their taconite pellets to the Allouez Dock in Superior by truck.  An estimated 100 trucks  a day - operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week will replace train cars, the usual method of shipping these pellets.

An on-going railroad congestion problem is spurring the change.

Cliffs officials say that the move is a result of needing the maintain a consistent supply of taconite to their steelmaking operations.

The route the trucks will travel will include Highway 169, Highway 5, and Highway 53.  Once in the Twin Ports area, they will utilize one of two routes to South Superior:  the Blatnik Bridge, or Highway 23, Midway and Becks Roads.


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