It's not even fall just yet but it's never too early to get into the Christmas spirit. The best way to get into the holiday spirit is by watching cheesy movies, right?

In early February of this year, news broke that there was a romantic Christmas movie being filmed in Isanti, Minnesota. Now we have the first official trailer for the movie, which just dropped. Check it out below:

As you can tell, the film is for the romantic at heart. As you can see, it follows the story of two realtors who are forced to spend time together as each fights for the right to sell a property. I've seen enough Hallmark movies to know these two are going to fall in love along the way!

The movie was filmed about two hours from Duluth at The Erickson Farmstead. The movie is scheduled to be released on November 28th of this year. I absolutely can't wait!

By the way - the film has a new name, too! Since filming began, creators called the film "Christmas Inn Farmstead" but upon the release of the trailer, it looks like they've switched things up. The film is now called "The Christmas Listing." Either way, this movie looks nothing short of amazing.

According to IMDb, the movie stars Lexi Giovagnoli, Travis Burns and Greg Evigan in main roles. There is no word just yet on which platform the movie will be released on later this year. No matter where it's released, I know we will all be watching!

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