In May of this year, we learned that Blacklist Brewing was moving to a new location, which left a vacancy, but we learned through Indegogo what business is planning to move in.

It's Duluth's Best Bread! They took to Indegogo to ask for some help upgrading their place and their ovens. They said on the Indegogo site they want to move there and there would be 4 times the space. The new place would be a bakery/cafe.

With the new place, they would still offer their French pastries, German bread and pretzels, and baguettes. They said the new place would offer space to people to eat the treats right in the business. They envision serving cappuccinos, espressos, and other coffee drinks to go along with the bakery items.

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They go on to say on Indegogo, the new place will allow for more room for baking they say. They say there is adequate room in the basement to expand production so they could supply local grocery stores and restaurants with products as well, and also Taste Tester Boxes, mail-order, and dreaming of being at local festivals.

The new place and the new oven they are asking for on Indegogo will allow them to hire more employees and produce more products, and they said with improved production and more employees, that would help to keep the price down because they could sell more. In the end, they get a little silly and I think they might mention world domination, but don't quote me on that.

In all seriousness, they have a three-tiered plan that includes expanding, becoming more efficient, and feeding the homeless and hungry.  If you would like to give just go to the Indegogo site, they aren't very close to their goal.

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