Amy McMillan is the brains and creative genius behind a delicious treat called The Minnesota Marshmallow Company. McMillian was born and raised in Minnesota into a military family in which she followed suit joining the U.S. Air Force after her senior year in high school in 2009.

McMillian is just shy of 12 years serving in the Air Force having been stationed at many different bases in the United States when she had the opportunity to come to Duluth and be part of the 148th Fighter Wing which she has been a part of for the last four years. Happy to be back in Minnesota she loves all Duluth has to offer especially with her love of the great outdoors.

According to Bailey Builds The Minnesota Marshmallow came from McMillians desire to open a restaurant that was built on enjoying the great outdoors. For Amy, like many of us being outdoors around a campfire is a great way to spend any evening and sometimes what is part of that is roasting marshmallows over that open flame.  With the encouragement of friends and family and some hard work she decided to get in the kitchen and start creating.

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Her inventions and flavors have become such a hit that she now while still in the Air Force has turned her creation into a full time business. Johnson's Bakery of Duluth is helping support her business by letting her use their industrial kitchen. She has has another local company Mike and Jen’s Hot Cocoa who have offered great advice and support, as well as many other businesses. This is truly what a strong community does is build each other up and offer support for everyone to be successful.

As of right now the marshmallows come in 15 different flavors including Peppermint Bon Bon, Birthday Cake, Caramel Apple and more delectable flavors. McMillian does not have a brick and mortar store she has been doing pop up stores and you can make orders online as well.

Make sure to tune into MIX 108 with Jeanne and Cooper in the Morning on Friday July July 16 at 8:15am as we welcome Amy on the show to talk about her delicious business.

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