Thank you for taking the survey, you might be surprised by what the answers were.

Question 1 was Do you believe in the Paranormal? 82% said yes. I was not surprised, I get texted during the morning show all the time asking about the Ghost Investigations I do if they can come along, and wanting to hear or see the evidence.

Question 2 was What paranormal things do you believe in? The top 4 answers were separated by just a couple of percentage points.

  1. Ghosts
  2. Angels
  3. Demons
  4. Aliens
  5. Reincarnation
  6. Bigfoot
  7. Loch Ness Monster

Number 5, 6, 7, were all tied. Quite a few percentage points behind the top 4.

Question 3 was Which of these paranormal have you encountered? 33 percent said they have encountered a ghost. 24% said they haven't encountered any paranormal. Then Angels, Demons, Bigfoot, and Reincarnation rounded out the top. These are things people have said they experienced.

The next question was you put it in order, what is the most haunted location in the Duluth/Superior area.

  1. Nopeming
  2. Glensheen (tie)
  3. Fairlawn (tie)
  4. Calvary Cemetery
  5. Greenwood Cemetary
  6. Old Central
  7. William A Irvin
  8. Duluth Denfeld
  9. Spirit Mountain
  10. SS Meteor

The last question was a write-in, and this one surprised me. The most write-ins were for a house on 48th ave west and 4th street. The second was the Depot. The third was Hibbing High School.

Thank you again for taking the survey.


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