Another haunted attraction in the Northland has announced their return for Halloween season this year! This time around, it is a haunted attraction just a short drive from the Duluth area.

It might seem early but several haunted attractions have already announced their return for spooky season. In fact, the Haunted Shack is already seeking volunteers. The popular event kicks off in mid-October and there are some incentives for volunteering.

The famous Haunted Ship attraction will also be returning this year. This is very welcome news since the event hasn't always happened over the past few years. The attraction was closed for a bit due to COVID-19 concerns and construction issues, finally reopening last year.

The Haunted Ship is also seeking volunteers of all kinds. They are looking for crew members, actors and more. If you are interested, you can reach out to organizers at the DECC and channel your love for Halloween into something epic!

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Now, a newer haunted attraction has announced they will be opening yet again this year. The attraction? Hellwig Hollow! The event takes place in Canyon, which is a short drive from the Twin Ports just past Independence.

They shared details of the attraction on Facebook earlier this week! Organizers announced that the haunted attraction will be open every single Friday and Saturday in October. The event will be open from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. on those nights.

It should be noted that the last tickets will be sold fifteen minutes before close so don't show up at 11 or a few minutes earlier and expect to get in. Plan accordingly! There will also be good and drinks available on site.

Hellwig Hollow is unique in that it is a self-described "thirty minute walk of terror" rather than your average haunted attraction! That means once you start, there really is no way out but through. Ha!

Hellwig Hollow is so spooky that the attraction is ages 13 and up. Anyone 16 years old or younger must be accompanied by an adult. A video tease of the haunted attraction is not for the faint of heart!

It does give a bit more insight into the attraction, which is filled with all the ghouls and goblins you'd expect from a haunted attraction. There are also different houses and mazes you walk through, as shown in the video. Do not watch this alone in the dark!

Tickets for the attraction are fifteen bucks. Hellwig Hollow is located at 7480 Harris Road in Canyon. There is also a park and ride option where customers can park at the Dawg House Bar And Grill and take the shuttle to the event. Spooky!

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