Are you at risk for Type 2 Diabetes? The American Diabetes Association has come up with a risk test in order to help.

Diabetes Alert Day, sponsored by the American Diabetes Association, is held every fourth Tuesday in March. It is a one-day “wake-up call” asking the American public to take the Diabetes Risk Test to find out if they are at risk for developing type 2 diabetes. Many people are unaware of what Diabetes even is, or how it might affect them.

This disease is increasing by large numbers yearly, and the Wisconsin Lions Foundation and the Local Lions and Lioness Clubs are promoting Diabetes Alert Day throughout Wisconsin.

Participating Lions and Lioness Clubs will sponsor informational booths in order to reach out to the public. If you are unable to visit one of these booths, please take the diabetes risk test yourself online. Remember ¼ of the people who have diabetes don’t know it. The earlier diabetes is detected the easier it is to control

The Solon Springs Lions club was recently awarded a Diabetes community awareness grant.

If you need to talk to someone or get more information locally call Catherine Cronen, Solon Springs Lions Service Chair at 320 894-8431

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