It's never too late to do something different. Inge Ginsburg decided to do death metal.

This woman who is now 96 is a Holocaust survivor and has accepted the role of lead singer for Inge & the TritoneKings.

Quite the story for this woman. She fled the Holocaust, became a refugee in Switzerland, where she eventually looked after a spy villa for the Secret Service because she says you have to do something to fit in, she wasn't going to tell them she was one of the people they were trying to kill. Once War World II ended, Ginsberg came to America with her first husband Otto, and they took jobs as writers and musicians and even wrote Dean Martin’s “Try Again” and composed with other big names in the business.

After some changes in her life and her career. She thought she was done and was willing to accept it. That's when the offer came to join a band.

Ginsburg embarked on a new career, shouting lyrics that helped her mend scars and connect with a whole new audience. In a short documentary called “Death Metal Grandma” filmmaker, Leah Galant told the story of Mrs. Ginsburg, and where she ended up. Talk to this Grandma and you will think, of course, she ended up here.

Watch “Death Metal Grandma” below.

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