The Duluth Huskies Baseball Club is proud to announce the second bunch of promotional nights for the 2019 season!

The goal for this summer is to offer a wide variety of fun and innovative nights. No two people are the same, so they wanted to offer a night for everyone. The second batch of listings is Tattoo Appreciation Night, Game of Thrones Night, Babe Ruth Night, and Game Show Night!

Tattoos have always been a staple of creative expression, and now you can show yours! On June 8th, anyone who shows their ink at the box office gets their ticket for half price! The night will also give all those who have regrettable tattoos a chance at redemption! A “Worst” tattoo competition during the game will pit eight contestant’s and their bad tattoos against each other to win a free removal session and consultation, courtesy of Fade Away Laser. One lucky fan will also go home with a free half-day tattoo session, courtesy of Benchmark Tattoo.

Then there's Game Show Night on June 25th! The Huskies will be bringing everyone’s favorite game shows to Wade Stadium for your entertainment! Guests will have a chance to participate in almost a dozen game shows that have been modified to be played right on the field! Huskies on-field host Jordan Anderson will have Deal or No Deal, The Price is Right, Who Wants to be a Millionaire, and many more.

How about a Game of Thrones Night. Anyone who dresses like their favorite game of Thrones character will get into the event for free! Prior to the game, there will be a foam sword battle on the field for kids and Huskies players. One lucky guest will be selected as the King or Queen of Wade Stadium. They will be upgraded to premium seats and be given a servant that will tend to their every whim. There will also be some fun merchandise to be raffled off as well. Game of Thrones Night is being presented courtesy of Dungeon’s End, Collector’s Connection, and Globe-News.

Did you know, in 1926, Babe Ruth visited Duluth? The Huskies figured it was about time he came back and visited again! Babe Ruth will be making his grand return on July 19th. Renown Babe Ruth impersonator, Steve Folven, will be coming to Wade Stadium for a night straight out of 1926. It will be like you stepped into a time machine the moment you step into Wade Stadium and you hear the music and the crowd.

Some real excitement at Wade Stadium this year.

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