Even though I personally have not gone trick or treating in a while, it was not too many years ago that our kids were running house to house to get some treats.

For every parent or guardian we all have the worry of our kids out running around knocking on strangers doors, but here are some  tips you may not even think about.

  • Make sure your kids costumes fit properly. We all have seen the kid running across someone's yard and falls flat on their face because the pants are to long or to big; or they are busting out of the costume because they have a jacket underneath. If buying a costume, take into account the weather.
  • Make sure if your kids are wearing a mask or anything over their face that they have a good line of sight. Many masks give kids tunnel vision and this could be a disaster when they run across the street.
  • Set up a trick or treat team: If you have many kids to watch, an extra set of eyes is always helpful and gives you a better chance to catch the one eating the unwrapped candy.
  • Map out the neighborhood ahead of time. Especially If your kids are going off with their friends, you will have a general idea where they are going.
  • Have a homebase station: Again this is important if your kids are going off in a pack, if any kid gets separated they all need to meet at home base to re- group.
  • Flashlights and glowbars on clothing: You absolutely want to make your kids visible as possible to drivers and other pedestrians.
  • Make sure your child's cell phone is fully charged and secured to them some how. The last thing you want to have to do is backtrack to find a lost smartphone.
  • Tell kids the general rule: If the porch light is off, do not approach the home. Porch light on, trick or treaters welcome.
  • Set a curfew for them to be home. It seems most kids are out early in the evening, but for older kids who are more independent this is a must.
  • If you are able to drive the kids around stay back a bit so they can feel like they are cool and running around on their own.
  • Lastly, big houses do not necessarily mean big candy bars, sometimes. The modest size houses often give out the best treats! :)



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