According to the event page 'Solidarity Picket Against Police Brutality,' a protest is scheduled to take place at the Douglas County Courthouse this Thursday, June 4th. The protest is being organized by Native Lives Matter, North Save The Kids, Gitcheegumi Scouts, Racine Save The Kids, and I Can't Breathe - No Justice No Peace Solidarity.

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The protest is scheduled for 3-4 pm. According to the event page, indigenous leader Tayshea Martineau will be speaking to the crowd about police conflict with indigenous communities. Organizers encourage everyone of all ages to attend. They also encourage people to wear masks and practice social distancing.

Discussions of potential protests have occurred on Superior community social media pages since this weekend. This event is the first to substantially organize online.

Some Superior businesses have adopted shorter hours this week with concerns that peaceful protests could turn violent. Across the bridge in Duluth, daytime peaceful protests saw some shift to vandalism, property damage, and fires being set at night over the weekend. Kwik Trip also had an incident on Saturday night where a worker was assaulted. A juvenile has been arrested in that incident.

Kwik Trip had signs on their store near UWS, that read:

Ken Hayes

Due to recent events in our community, we are temporarily closing the hours of 8pm and 6am. We will re-open daily at 6am. Thank you for your support and understanding.

Meanwhile, Keyport Liquors closed early on Monday night.

On Tuesday Keyport, Super One on Oakes, Ace Hardware, and Kwik Cuts were seen boarded up.

Ken Hayes
Ken Hayes
Ken Hayes

In Duluth, leaders lifted the curfew due to the public's cooperation following weekend protests. According to WDIO, there were only 7 arrests from Sunday 6:30am - Monday 6:30am. Duluth Mayor Larson also added that most of the protesters were local people, and not people that had traveled to Duluth from the Twin Cities or elsewhere.

As we have seen in Minneapolis and other major cities across the country, anarchists and professional agitators have been disrupting peaceful protests. We are hearing more stories about peaceful protesters stepping in to protect businesses and even turn over rioters to the police.

As of the writing of this article, the Superior Police Department had not heard of any planned protests. We will update you if they do comment further.

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