Superior Mayor Jim Paine posted a message on Facebook today confirming earlier reports that a protest would be happening at 3pm today. The protest against racial inequality following the murder of George Floyd will take place in the parking lot the Government Center in Superior.

Mayor Paine assured the public that he has been working closely with Police Chief Nicholas Alexander and that they have been in contact with the organizers of the protest. Both the police chief and mayor will be in attendance.

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Many businesses have altered their hours to close early, or even gone as far as boarding up their windows as a precaution if violence were to break out as it has in other cities across the nation. Mayor Jim Paine wants businesses to know they do not expect any violence and wants to clear up the rumors around the community. They do not recommend that businesses close. According to the Mayor, police and organizers are well prepared to ensure a peaceful protest.

Rumors had been circulating on social media and through the community that outside bad actors would be coming into town and causing destruction. Mayor Paine says they have no evidence of that happening, and points to smaller, peaceful protest that have happened the last two nights in Superior.

There also will be a live stream of a meeting next Thursday for Commission of Communities Of Color. It will take place at 5:30pm. Due to the pandemic, they ask people to live stream and not attend in person. People are encourage to e-mail or mail statements to the commission.

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