As good as our local police departments are - they simply don't have the manpower or the funds to staff every single event or non-emergency need in our community.  That's why we're blessed with an army of volunteers - who serve our community to help the police in an auxiliary fashion.

The Superior Police Auxiliary needs your help.  A core group of 20 volunteers help by donating their time to staff the "extra" needs that the community has for law enforcement;  from traffic and pedestrian control at special events to crime and fire-scene containment, they help out where they're needed.

Now, they need our help.

The Superior Police Auxiliary is needing to update their equipment.  Specifically, they need to obtain newer hand-held radios so that they can be in communication with officers from the Superior Police Department and the Douglas County Communication Center.  Costs for these modern radios can average $2,500 a piece.

One of the members of the Auxiliary has established a GoFundMe fundraising account to help raise the necessary funds.  You can learn more and donate for yourself by following this link.