Just what we need is another totally delicious new Girl Scout cookie. The Girl Scouts announced on their web page a new French Toast Cookie.

This may be my new favorite cookie. Ok, really it's just going to be another flavor of their cookies that I need to buy. I already love a few of their stable of flavors, including their original shortbread cookie, now I will have to take out a loan in order to afford all the great flavors.

According to the Girl Scout website, the Toast Yay is a French toast inspired cookie. The cookie is dipped in icing. Wow, my taste buds are already celebrating. The new cookie will join the 2021 season of cookie sales. I will support this new cookie and the other cookies because I think the Girl Scouts are a good program and I was impressed that they donated cookies to frontline workers to say thank you for all the hard work they do.

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All the cookies will have a special pandemic look if you order online. You can send cookies to your friends and families in a gift box. The new-look is the idea of the Girl Scouts saying that you can still give the gift and social distance as well. You can contact your local Girl Scout Troup and find out when they will be selling it and get their online address so they get credit for it.

PR Newswire says a lot of Girls Scout Cookie sales went online this year because girls couldn't go door to door, visit businesses, or sit outside grocery stores like they used to. So, if you have a girl that normally sells to you, you should look into that option.

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