There's a special place in hell for jerks like this. Scammers targeted girl scouts who were selling cookies as a place to unload their counterfeit bills. They used 50 dollar fake bills and asked for change when only buying one box. So they got clean money back in change, leaving the girl scouts with fake bills.

According to Fox 9, the girl scouts took a $650 hit. How terrible is that? It happened in multiple instances over the last couple of weeks in Manatee County, Florida. They expect the number of fake bills to rise as troops are still counting their money.

Now, Girl Scout Leaders are encouraging their members to use counterfeit pens to check the bills. It's a good learning opportunity for the rest of us that sadly, there's really people that terrible. So if you have a girl scout who is selling cookies at a stand somewhere, be sure you are on the look out and have an adult with them.


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