This guy's love for his girlfriend is written all over his face.

Seventeen-year-old Californian Alyson Alfaro shared a photo on Twitter of the gift she got from her boyfriend, 18-year-old Exavier: a blanket with his face on it.

The couple lives about three hours apart, so they don't get to spend too much time together. When she mentioned she wanted him to keep him warm because she was cold, a light bulb went off over Exavier's head: get her a blanket with his mug covering it.

The tweet has gone viral and Alyson says she loves that "a tweet about me loving and being obsessed with my boyfriend is what’s getting attention."

If you've been inspired, you can buy one for that special someone on

The twittersphere sure had a whole lotta love for the gift and while we hate to do this, we have to wonder what happens if they break up? Long-distance relationships are hard, so we hope they defy the odds, but if they split up, this blanket is going to be an unwelcome reminder of love gone wrong.

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