Get Downtown week begins April 25 in Duluth and participating businesses are providing Northland residents plenty of incentives to come on down!

Perhaps you've participated with Eat Downtown in previous years, where lunches and dinners from Downtown Duluth restaurants were offered at a special price. Get Downtown also offers deals from restaurants in the area, but it goes even further.

According to Downtown Duluth's Greater Downtown Council, Get Downtown week is dedicated to celebrating the local restaurants, retailers and breweries that make the area special.

With that in mind, there will be deals to be hand for Northland residents.

All businesses participating in Get Downtown week will be offering a buy one get one 50% off special on select items of their choosing throughout the week. With over 30 businesses participating there’s a deal to interest everyone. Join us in celebrating spring and our love for local businesses in our Downtown!

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If you're hungry, there are plenty of offers from restaurants, including:

7 West Taphouse
Buy one, get one $50% off select Burgers

Black Water Lounge
Buy one, get one 50% flatbreads

Dubh Linn Brew Pub
Buy one, get one 50% off appetizers

Valentini's Deli
Buy one, get on 50% off any pasta, sandwich, salad or entree.

Those interested in shopping will have many deals to choose from, including:

Duluth Pack
Buy one, get one 50% off select winter accessories

Ed Barbo's Columbia Clothing
Buy one, get one 50% off all jeans

Security Jewelers
Buy one, get one 50% off heart necklaces

There are also plenty of offers for those wanting a beer, wine and other beverages. If you have a sweet tooth, you'll want to check out the deal from Duluth Candy Company too.

The bottom line is if you love shop, eat or drink, there won't be a better place to do it the week of April 25 than Downtown Duluth.

Our studios are located downtown in the Holiday Center. It's been fun to see people slowly returning to the area since pandemic-related restrictions have eased. Hopefully, we'll see even more people come on down for fun events such as this. Make sure to wave as you walk by!

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