The work is done (for the most part) and it's almost time for drivers to start to use the new roundabout built at the intersection of Midway and Maple Grove Roads.  The first drivers will officially start to use it at 3:00 PM on Friday, August 31.

The opening is the icing on the cake to the work that started back in June.  That's when Maple Grove Road was closed to traffic, with Midway Road closing in July.  Those closures weren't part of the original plans; while working the site, the decision was made to close the roads in order to allow crews more access and to be able to have the intersection fully-open in time for the start of the school year.

In all, the roundabout costs St. Louis County about $2.1 million, although it was funded by State Aid dollars.  However, officials say that the money was well spend.  The intersection at Midway and Maple Grove Road is one of the most-dangerous in  the county.  Historically, the intersection has seen a higher-number of accidents than it should, along with lengthy backups.  The roundabout is expected to alleviate both of these issues.

The roundabout at Maple Grove and Midway Roads represents the second one built in St. Louis County.  The first was constructed in Chisholm - which opened in October 2017.



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