The excitement is building, the decisions have been made and now the anticipation. Team Shuster is going to Russia to curl and "throw some rocks" with the best in the world. They've earned it, and now they need to earn their way to Russia.

John Shuster and his team mates have to be just as dedicated as the rest of the atheletes in the world, but they also have to make money to pay for all the trips it takes to compete and practice around their jobs.

Stories come from the guys about competing late into the night or lasting until Sunday, then Monday waking up to do their day job or have to be back to school for a test. They do have some sponsors, Dairy Queen is the team's biggest backer, but the travel costs add up. According to Mashable, Shuster estimates the team has spent $25,000 since beginning its qualifying campaign in September, including trips to Germany and Scotland.

To help cover costs, they're looking to raise money in an unorthodox way: by selling gear not through a fancy online store, but via a Google spreadsheet:

You can purchase shirts and sweatshirts from the team and it will help defray the costs.

You can also give to the cause to a website his wife Sara Shuster has created at Go Fund Me.

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