We might live in the Twin Ports but let's face it - Superior doesn't get the respect it deserves.  At its inception, it was designed to be the bigger of the two port cities - but time, economics, population flow and other factors have left it the smaller (in population) of the two.

To add insult to injury, there are people who live in Duluth who refuse to cross the bridge for any purpose - giving a figurative cold shoulder to the City of Superior.  As such, many who call Superior their home are defensive of the community they live in .  And, they don't take verbal putdowns lightly.

So what should you never say to someone from Superior?

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    Why are there so many bars in Superior?

    Let's face it - Superior is home to a lot of drinking establishments.  But if you really take a hard look at the issue, many of those establishments also serve food - making them restaurants.  Using that rationality, Superior really doesn't outperform Duluth in the total number of bars and saloons - if you look at it proportionately.

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    Where is your Target?

    Superior was home to a Target store for more than 20 years before the location closed in January 2016.  Ask any Superior-ite (or Duluthian for that matter) and they'll tell you that the Superior location on Tower Avenue was the best.  What the store lost in square footage (as compared to the Duluth/Miller HIll location) it more than made up for in personality.  Since the closure, it seems like everyone laments the loss - even setting up social media sites to share sympathies.

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    Why do you have a roundabout?

    Right at the base of the Bong Bridge (highway 2) - on the Superior side - exists one of the most-talked about sections of roadways in the Twin Ports:  the roundabout.  Even before it was installed almost two years ago, everyone raked the decision over the coals - both pro and con.  From worrying about snow removal to talk about accidents, the roundabout haters have made their opinions known.  Loggers, too aren't fans;  many don't realize that weight restrictions on the Blatnik Bridge force fully-loaded logging trucks to use the Bong Bridge - and the roundabout to get on it.

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    What's the fascination with cheese?

    Wisconsin tops the nation in cheese and dairy production.  (Unless you ask someone from California;  depending on how you rank production and what time period you're talking about, California battles it out for the top spot).   Cheese factors into all-things Wisconsin from official foods and mottos to football.

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    Are you from "Soup-Town"?

    It can be used as a term of endearment and it can be used as a dig;  many people refer to the City of Superior as "Souptown".  There are conflicting stories about the origins of the term:  some say it had to do with working class and ship workers eating a lot of soup - while other people will just suggest that "Souptown" sprung from an exaggerated way of pronouncing the first syllable of the cities actual name.  Whatever the origins, you need to be careful using the word "Souptown" and you need to know your audience.

    TSM - Nick Cooper