Animal Allies will be at Miller Hill Subaru for their "Love a Pet" promotion. There will be pets for adoption this Saturday 10a-5p and Sunday from 11am-2pm.The pets that are featured will be up for adoption at a discounted price and they come with free microchipping.

You can get your pet microchipped for just $10.  All the pets have been checked by a vet and like I said, microchipped, and you can be assured they are healthy and ready to go home with an owner. There will be lunch served with all the money going to Animal Allies.

Miller Hill Subaru will have a vehicle designated to the Animal Allies wish list, if you can help bring some of the items they are looking for.

Subaru "Love-A-Pet" Wish List


  • 2 pack Kong Stuff'N Paste
  • Dog treats (approx. $10 value, made in the USA please)


  • Cat treats (approx. $10 value, made in the USA please)
  • 2 Cat wands


  • 1 bag Pill Pockets (45 ct. feline or 30 ct. canine)
  • 1 bottle Cosequin/Dasuquin
  • 600 snack size baggies
  • 600 sandwich size baggies
  • Electric space heater


  • 12-pk paper towels
  • 100 count 13 gallon garbage bags
  • 40 count 33 gallon garbage bags
  • 5 Bottles Lysol liquid cleaner
  • 5 Bottles Dawn dish soap
  • 5 Bottles of Clorox Bleach
  • 5 Pump-style Anti-bacterial hand sanitizers
  • 3 large bottles Anti-bacterial hand soap refills
  • Rubber gloves for dish washing (100+ count)


  • 8 1/2 x 11 white copy paper ($10 value, 2 or more reams)
  • Minimum 22 Forever postage stamps
  • 16 count AAA batteries
  • Letter file folders with 3 tab positions (100 count box)
  • 6 Scotch tape refill rolls
  • Folders with 2 pockets (25 minimum)


  • 1 Fleece blanket
  • Stretch and Scratch (6 scratchers)
  • Kuranda cat towers


  • $10 gift cards to Wal-mart, Petco, or Menards
  • Tablet PC
  • Pallet jack
  • Portable (free-standing) Projection Screen

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