Kate Kucinski is the Public Relations Director for Grandma's Marathon, which means she handles any races that are associated with Grandma's Marathon and the Young Athletes Foundation. Kate is hard to talk to on race day because she has so much to do. So do all the volunteers for the race. 

There are people who hand out the shirts, the refreshments, and the shirts. People who handle the bookkeeping and sign you up. There are people setting up the start and finish line. People who have to get the sponsors and who is sponsoring what. People order the shirts.......I can't even get into it all. On race day, here is a short run down from Kate herself and the winner of the race.

A record field of 2,096 people registered, which is the largest field ever.
The first place men’s division finisher was 2016 champion, Scott Behling,  (15:54) of Duluth and in the women’s division, Anna Lahti (19:56) of Duluth. Both Behling and Lahti are part of the Northwoods Running Club. Behling won the race with a time of 16:08 in 2016.  Meanwhile, Daniel Skolte (34:11) of Belview, Minn. and Meghan Stephan (37:18) of Duluth were the champions of the men and women divisions respectively in the walk.

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