The Adrian Peterson saga took another turn Thursday as federal judge ruled in favor of Peterson, who had appealed his suspension from the NFL.  This most likely opens the door for him to return to the league before the original date of April 15th.  The question is, where will he play?

The Vikings went out of their way lately to say they want him back, while Peterson's agent went out of his way to let the Vikings know that he doesn't want to with the Vikings any longer.  Then, a story came out quoting AP's dad as saying that the running back is open to returning to the team.

It sounds like an actual, adult conversation will happen sooner than later between Peterson and the Vikings.  He is still a member of the Vikings, whether he likes it or not, until the team decides to trade him or not.  He is not in any position of power in this deal.

I still think that if he wants out and will be a locker room distraction, trade him to Cleveland for whatever they offer and move on.

Here is an report on Thursday's court decision and his future with the Minnesota Vikings: