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Why Did Adrian Peterson Choose The New Orleans Saints?
I talked a little bit about this on the air this morning, but I wanted to talk more about it. I am seeing online that people think Adrian Peterson chose the New Orleans Saints because he wanted to come to Minnesota and rub our noses in the fact that we didn't pick up his option and cut him. I d…
Adrian Peterson Could Be A Saint, And Return For Viking Opener
Yahoo! Sports and ESPN are both reporting that Adrian Peterson is going to be a New Orleans Saint. After a humbling tour with only 3 teams the Saints made an offer. Adrian claims this team has a chance to make it to the Super Bowl, my opinion is that he had to take the best team that would pay him t…
Federal Judge Overturns Adrian Peterson's Suspension
The Adrian Peterson saga took another turn Thursday as federal judge ruled in favor of Peterson, who had appealed his suspension from the NFL.  This most likely opens the door for him to return to the league before the original date of April 15th.  The question is, where will he play?

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