On KOOL 101.7 we are featuring a song by Hallbjorn that is called "Sonja Snow Dog Loves the Snow". A kind of quirky, folky tune that is, nonetheless, fun to listen to and fits with all the Christmas Music featured on the station. A song that speaks to dogs as well as people.

King Family
Thomas King used by permission

In talking to Thomas Wayne King, who is one of the members of the group, he shared that Sonja has a brother too, and they have fun in the snow together. He noticed a genuine love for being outside and jumping in the snow. He says it inspired him to write a song about her and share the amount of fun that she has.

Thomas says,

Here is a picture of Sonja Snow Dog (with tk) and Scotty Boots (with dk).  They are Sheltie/Border Collie mix dogs, born up in Hawk Ridge area of Duluth.  Ages 9 + now. Our Hallbjorn song about Sonja is exactly correct.  I wrote it to preserve and remember her coming to us. She is six months younger than brother Scotty, but from same parents.  They are both amazingly, surprisingly storing pullers who help us haul water and feed on our small plastic ice fishing sleds into our sheep paddocks at our Sunny Cove farm when entry roads are blocked by snow or mud.

Some other songs the group likes to share is mostly about the outdoors, whether it be winter or any other of the wonderful seasons the Northland has to offer.

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Here's a little gallery shared by Thomas and his wife Debra

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