I was just talking to a friend who is getting married next year and scouting places to have a reception. There are plenty available through the city of Duluth.

The great part is you can reserve them online. If you want to reserve a softball field, tennis court or other sports venues they are available. The city of Duluth Parks and Recreation department would be happy to answer questions and reserve your next event. Wade stadium might work for a weekend tourney or a different event you are thinking about, or if you have had that inclination to get married at a baseball field, this could be the one.

There are a lot of family get togethers that need a place and there are so many diverse buildings and locations that one can be right for the event you are planning.

Looking for a building, Duluth Parks and Recreation manages 5 buildings that are available to rent:

  1. Duluth Heights Community Center, 33 West Mulberry Street
  2. City Center West / Evergreen Center, 5830 Grand Avenue
  3. Morgan Park Community Recreation Center, 1242 88th Ave West
  4. Portman Community Recreation Center,  4601 McCulloch Street
  5. Washington Center, 310 N 1st Ave West

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