If you’ve lived in Carlton County or are a business that deals with the sale of food you are probably very familiar with Upper Lakes Foods and have used their services within the last 50 years. Kudos goes out to the Sorensen family, now in their 3rd generation at Upper Lakes Foods. How did the family get started in this choice of business and what are their plans for keeping the business going for another 50?

I have the honor of emceeing their upcoming 50th celebration at their Annual Food Show at the DECC and wanted to learn more about the business before hand, so I asked for a tour.  While on the tour I came up with many additional questions and wanted to meet the family members that keep the business going and donate to so many of our community events across the Northland. I felt the best way to do that was to interview a few that had time to chat with me and find out what makes Upper Lakes Foods one of the biggest distributors in our area.

The Sorenson family's dedication to providing their clients with the best of the best and constantly striving to provide service is next to none!

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